ZAZUMO consists of an enthusiastic team which is devoted to continuously offer registered users the most interesting online deals and offers. Our users get the opportunity to specify the offers they receive from twelve different categories. This allows us to show each user the most relevant and very best deals currently available on the internet, based on their own user profile.

Currently ZAZUMO provides its services throughout most of Europe. In order to serve as many people as possible, we are actively monitoring the best deals in a large section of the continent's countries. ZAZUMO has its focus on businesses within the fields of Finance, Online Shopping, Electronics, Business, Software, Holidays, Energy, Gaming, Telecom, Dating, Pets and Jewelry.

The offers on ZAZUMO vary from discounts to neat free extra's and services. Users will only be shown the deals that match their personal user profile and preferences.

Careers at ZAZUMO

At ZAZUMO we're often looking for extra team members to provide even better experiences for our users. Take a look at our current jobs to see if you are able to help us reach our goals.

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Frequently asked

  1. What is ZAZUMO and how does it work?

    ZAZUMO is a large community for people who are looking for an easy solution to find the best online deals. You simply sign up and tell us what you are interested in. Based on your specific interests, you will start receiving limited offers in your profile.

  2. Is ZAZUMO free to use?


    Our services are entirely free and will remain that way.

  3. Why should I use ZAZUMO?

    ZAZUMO makes it much easier for you to find the online deals you're actually interested in. Instead of having to browse the internet yourself, you specify your preferences once and ZAZUMO does the rest.

    Every day our team is looking for the most interesting deals from which you could profit; be it for your much desired holiday destination or a sale on games, electronics or clothing.

    Your account will always be home to the latest and greatest deals, picked just for you.

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